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The holidays are right around the corner, and with that, we need ultra fabulous hair to to match the shimmer and glimmer of the season!


Want a challenge? Take a look at these lovely vintage ladies! They truly took holiday hair to the next level 🙂

Completely inspiring! While those styles are utterly jaw dropping, like me, you might not have the sort of time (or energy!) to put into that sort of hair. Plus, you might have an evening that calls for something not so crazy 😉 So I’m going to share with you some simple vintage up do’s that are quick, easy, and perfect for any holiday get together you may attend!

For the first 2 styles, you’re going to want to do a pin curl set. Don’t worry, if you’ve never done pin curls before, you can do a very easy set! When I don’t want to do a wet set and sleep on my curls over night, here is my daily go to. After washing my hair, I apply a mousse  ( I use TRESemme extra firm control mousse), then blow dry. Once dry, I use a curling iron to start the pin curls. I do my best to keep the curls in rows around my head, but it’s not always perfect! Not a problem, it will still turn out great! After each curl, you re-wrap the curl tight around your finger, and pin down with a bobby pin. Don’t wait until you’ve curled your entire head to pin them down. You want to pin them while your hair is still hot so the curl will keep the most hold! Once your head is all set…it might looks a little something like this:

Let your hair cool for about 10-15 minutes. Then it’s time to remove all the pins! You’re going to look like Shirley Temple, and that’s where the brush out comes in! Take a paddle brush and gently brush your curls out.

I’m the first model here, and in this style, I took the front sections of curls and back combed behind each section to get a little more volume. The back is gently pinned up with same-color bobby pins to match my hair. Don’t be scared to play around with the curls! See which way they want to go, try flipping them around, attempt different ways to frame your face. If the curl falls out, you can quickly redo it with the curling iron! The finishing touch is a flower of your choice.  It’s super simple, and looks beautiful!
Next up is Zoë!  She did a pin curl set as well as back combing behind the front curls! Zoë adorned the curls with a cute, sheer bandana, tied in a bow on top! Super retro, and another simple way to add a little something extra to your hair style.
Last but not least, we have Stephanie!  She is modeling our beautiful
Namrata Joshipura headbands, that are just perfect for the holidays. She shows how easy it is to do a quick and fancy up do.


Take your headband and place it straight down, around your head like a turban (above your hair, not underneath as if you were using a cloth headband to pull your bangs back). Take your hair and fold it into the band until all hair is off your neck! Voila! Simple 1920’s hair, stunning and glamorous!

Have fun creating!!

Until next time,