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Two words: silicone wires. That’s right—the solution to your uncomfortable lingerie problem involves nixing the wire entirely.


Meet Triumph lingerie—kind of the best thing since sliced bread. Even if you fall into the mere 20 percent of women who wear the correct bra size, underwires are notoriously the bane of the most essential piece in your wardrobe. Thankfully, Triumph cut out the digging and poking of traditional wire bras with its “Magic Wire” that’s deceptively similar to its metal counterpart solely in terms of support.

With more than 125 years in the business, this European lingerie line creates craft lingerie that combines innovation with classic, feminine appeal that inspires both confidence and sensuality without sacrificing comfort. Triumph also offers a generous size range from A to G, so many ladies can rest assured that this brand has it covered.

triumph lingerie bras dresses vintage inspired

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If you’ve visited us at one of our stores, we’ve probably steered you toward going bra-less once or twice. However, some styles, such as the 1940’s Dress, Obi Dress, and Bianca Dress, are better paired with the smooth lines and support of a nice bra. 
Thankfully, Triumph offers a plethora of “Magic Wire” bras featuring a plunge neckline that complements the shape of such dresses. A couple of my favorites? The Amourette Spotlight Bra and the Delicate Doreen Soft Bra

triumph lingerie bras contouring sensation vintage inspired

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The Contouring Sensation Bra highlights your ravishing assets with discreet padding and a deep bridge. We currently offer this piece in two colors: vanilla and black and nude. The bra becomes a posh lingerie set when combined with the Contouring Sensation High Brief.

triumph lingerie high briefs shapewear vintage inspired

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High briefs are also a Triumph specialty. Better yet, they also double as shapewear so it’s all smooth sailing under your favorite Trashy Diva look, especially the ones that incorporate our slim-fitting Sophia and Audrey Pencil Dresses! Try the Beauty Sensation Hi-Waisted Brief or the Amazing Sensation Hi-Waisted Brief

Here at Trashy Diva, we curate our favorite vintage-inspired lingerie sets based on elegant and flattering offerings. If you’re looking for your next lingerie staple, there’s simply one brand that triumphs them all!

You can browse many more of their perfect pairings by simply visiting our Triumph section.