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From intricate bodysuits to comfortable basics, Trashy Diva has you covered (and uncovered) with a wide range of lingerie brands sure to fit and flatter your figure. But do you know the history behind these lingerie loves?  Follow along as we throwback this Thursday and explore how some of our favorite lingerie brands got their start!

Credit: Chantelle Heritage, Chantelle PinterestArchives Chantelle


Meet Chantelle, one of the oldest lingerie brands out there. In 1878 they created the first elasticized fabrics, allowing items to stretch in two directions at once. These elastic knits revolutionized the garment industry and opened up a wide range of new possibilities for the construction of corsetry. As women moved away from the rigid corset in the 30’s and 40’s, these elastic fabrics lead to the creation of the lighter and more flexible girdle. French expertise, thoughtful detailing, and flattering fit across a broad range of cup sizes makes Chantelle a perfect everyday lingerie choice.


Credit: Old Gossard Building, History of Gossard’s GirlsGossard Heritage


Do you know Gossard? Founded in Chicago in 1901, the H.W Gossard Company began producing women garments and corsets. During this time, they created the first front-lacing corsets which not only increased the comfort of the corset but also made it significantly easier to put-on and remove. In the 1920’s, they built factories in London and Michigan which manufactured bras, girdles and corsets. These factories employed mostly women, called Gossard Girls, and these opportunities in the factory gave women of the time a chance to work and support themselves. The company moved their headquarters to the UK in the 30’s and during WWII, they used their experience working with nylon to create parachutes for the war effort. Following fashions of the time, Gossard added some oomph to the push-up bra by creating the now iconic Wonderbra in the 1960’s and still continue to add lift and sex appeal to classic lingerie silhouettes today.

Credit: Fully Fashioned KnittingGerbe History


Pull on your stockings to meet Gerbe! After inheriting a haberdashery-hosiery wholesale trade from his father, Stephane Gerbe decided to forge his own path, creating Gerbe Hosiery in 1904. Using only fine French fabrics and cutting edge machinery, Gerbe created their first fully-fashioned knit back-seamed stocking in 1936, the Bas Carnation, that is still available today! Fully-fashioned knitting is a method of using flat knitting machines to shape the garment by reducing and adding stitches as needed. This advancement allowed Gerbe to improve the fit and structure of his stockings. Due to Gerbe popularity and craftsmanship, House of Dior gives Gerbe exclusive rights to create all the stockings for their collections from the 50’s to the 2000’s!  Gerbe today has a huge range of colors, styles and designs but all collections are still 100% made in France, even using yarn local sourced in Rhovyl for all of their products.

Credit: Meet the Brand- Simone Pérèle What’s in a Bra? The Age Publication

Je suis enchantée, Simone Pérèle! Founded in Paris in 1948 by Madame Simone Pérèle, an established corset maker, Simone Pérèle sought to liberate women from the rigidity of corsetry and to create undergarments that would embrace the natural shape of a woman’s body. She was inspired to focus on creating lingerie that didn’t pull-up or suck-in, but rather highlighted a woman’s curves and to provide a comfortable yet elegant lingerie option. Now designed for the modern woman, and run by Simone’s daughter Catherine, Simone Pérèle continues to use only the best French fabrics, lace, and embroidery. This is lingerie that you want to wear–with details that make everyday special and pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident in the skin that you’re in.


“A woman should not have to choose between being comfortable and feeling beautiful…She can have it all.” -Simone Pérèle 


 Credit: Chantal Thomass Biography, Brand History


Let’s stay in France for a little while longer while we introduce Chantal Thomass! She began her fashion career at age 18, designing clothes for girls of her own age, always adept at what her peers wanted to wear. In the late 60’s she began to take more serious steps into the fashion world, creating her first label Her and Bantine. These first pieces were fashioned from adventurous fabrics like plastic and lurex to make herself standout and get noticed. In the 70’s, she moved towards more ready to wear collections that included lingerie for the first time, these items were playfully trimmed in frills and ribbons, which would become a signature of her brand in the years to come. Chantal Thomass spent time as a consultant for brands such as Rosy, Victoria’s Secret and Wolford, but ultimately came back to develop her own brand in the seductive yet playful boudoir style that she started.

Credit: Brand History,Vogue Magazine Article,Hanky Panky Heritage Pinterest 


My baby does the Hanky Panky! Known today for the World’s Most Comfortable Thong, Hanky Panky was started in 1977 by creator and designer Gale Epstein who fashioned a lingerie set for her friend (and business partner) Lida Orzeck out of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs! The hankies took off and they created a lingerie and sleepwear brand blending traditional and modern styles while never compromising comfort! In 1986, the 4811 Signature Lace Thong was introduced with its durable stretch and soft lace, and this thong has been in production and in our drawers ever since!

Credit: Only Hearts About Us, Only Hearts Archive


New York, New York–the city that never sleeps, but if it did, it would be wearing Only Hearts to bed. Founded in 1978 by cool-kid Helena Stuart, Only Hearts shook up the fashion world by creating what she deemed as “Inner Outwear.”  This lingerie wasn’t made to be hidden underneath heaps of clothing, but rather be styled along with the rest of an outfit and seen as a fashion choice. All types of women embraced Stuart’s lingerie philosophy and today she works alongside her daughter to create lingerie for modern women–sexy, sweet, and definitely what women want to wear.   Long live the bralette!

After 140 years of craftsmanship and innovation, lingerie is more exciting, diverse, and inclusive than ever before. Make some new memories and shop our new arrivals online or stop into one of our lingerie boutiques for a personal fitting and shopping experience!