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As the weather cools down, the sun sets earlier in the day and the leaves start to turn, the event season is just beginning, between theater, holiday parties, concerts,and dances, a Diva needs a dress that is perfect for a striking a pose from day to night – dressed up or or down.


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The Ruby Dress is the perfect flattering companion for making the social rounds with grace; it’s a great platform for accessories as well as being a stunning on it’s own highlighting the body’s natural curves and gorgeousness.


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The Ruby Dress was inspired by gown and party dresses from the 1950’s; it features a sweetheart neckline, a classic ballerina bodice, and a full skirt that hits right below the knees. Paired with a crinoline under the skirt, the Ruby gives you a feminine, ballerina silhouette, that is show stopping.


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The sweetheart neckline is a iconic style of the 1950’s featured in gowns, day dresses, dancing dresses, and wedding dresses that is still extremely popular today for all true Divas.


The sweetheart neckline can support dramatic necklace and earring combinations, which I love, and the ballerina bodice can be paired with belt or sash to highlight the waist.   Try the Anne Koplik Deco Step Necklace with the Jade Watercolor Ruby for a sophisticated look, or the enchanting Jan Michael’s Buddha Necklace with the Red or Black Stretch Ruby.

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The Ruby also looks great with a more structured look, an excellent dress for layering up and down, the Shrug Scarflooks great thrown over the shoulders while still featuring the neckline, the Cropped Cardigan with a full skirt for day wear, and The Long Sleeve Tie Cardigan for around the house and shopping drama.


If you’re living in New Orleans or an ex-pat you know that it’s always time to celebrate the Saints, and the Grand Fleur Ruby paired with a fasinator like the Scala Cut Feather Fasinator or the Scala Feathered Top Hat Fasinator lets you show your team spirit with style.

The Ruby, like Julie Newmar, is “built like a racehorse” and ready to steal the stage presenting classic grace whether it is worn out as a day dress or twirling the night away at a beautiful party.

~ LJ