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The NOCCA Institute’s Financial Aid Program helps young artists cover the cost of participating in NOCCA’s school year program and enroll in other challenging training programs during the summer months.  


While NOCCA’s world-class arts-training program is tuition-free, students are responsible for some costs.  The NOCCA Institute provides aid for required department fees, private music lessons, supplies, knife kits and chef’s uniforms, travel for school sponsored arts programs, technology fees, summer study at pre-college programs and conservatories, and other needs students might encounter in the course of pursuing their craft at a serious level. 

The Financial Aid Program provides young artists equal access to educational excellence, time to study with outstanding mentors on industry-standard equipment as well as with renowned visiting artists, and the opportunity to earn significant college scholarships.  Most of the NOCCA Institute’s awards are small, yet they level the playing field and make a life-changing difference to students who have worked exceptionally hard and need support to advance to the next level.

Trashy Diva’s newest collection, Mime Time, is a marriage of vintage styles highlighting the arts.  We’re thrilled to partner with the NOCCA Institute to help Louisiana’s creative young people master their art and purse their dreams.


From 8/14 – 8/31 – 10% of proceeds from the sales of the Mime Time collection (both online and in-stores) will be donated to the NOCCA Institute.  View the Mime Time collection here.