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A tribute to the 1940’s island style of the Copacabana, the Hollywood Dress is a fun, fitted, and flattering new style from Trashy Diva! Debuted in Pirate Treasure, the Hollywood has since been released in our signature Midnight in Paris and Big Polka prints, and also recreated into a 1970’s-inspired Hollywood Jumpsuit in our heritage Magenta Floral print.

Photo credit: pattern from Pinterest; Big Polka Hollywood Dress


Owner and designer Candice Gwinn adapted this figure-flattering design from vintage patterns from the late 1930s and early 1940s, along with some inspiration from the beautiful Carmen Miranda, whose iconic style was full of ruffles, jewelry, and hair accessories. 

Photo credit: Carmen Miranda, ‘That Night in Rio’, 1941 ; Dress pattern from Etsy


Designed to make a bold statement on its own, the Hollywood can also be styled with over-the-top accessories: think layers of beaded necklaces, oversized earrings, and bold gold shoes. Miranda is credited with popularizing the platform shoe in addition to tropical fruit jewelry, as she stood only 5 feet tall despite her extra tall personality.

Miss L Fire Copacabana Heels; Hollywood Dress in Pirate Treasure


Featuring a tailored bodice and elastic panels for a comfortable yet form-fitting look an finished with slender, button-detailed straps that can be adjusted to a halter style, the elegant off-the-shoulder ruffle is the star of the show! These ruffles can be pulled up on the shoulder or pushed off, and the skinny straps can be buttoned to the back, criss-crossed, tied as a halter, or worn off the shoulder. As versatile as it is glamorous, the Hollywood Dress is perfect for parties and for any occasion that demands a dramatic entrance.

Photo credit: Midnight in Paris Hollywood Dress;Gown from Cemetarian


However you choose to wear the ruffles, the Hollywood Dress is sure to bring out your inner starlet!


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