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Time sprang forward, and temperatures made their seasonal spike across the South recently, reeling in the spring season. People across the country are gearing up to shed the winter coat and show off some skin in the sun for spring break. Whether it be a siesta on the beach or a boogie in your backyard, swimsuits are key to your spring break experience. I’m here today with some vintage-inspired spring break looks to get you ready for some fun in the sun!


Lahco invented luxurious knit swimwear in 1922. Knit swimwear was especially popular in the early 20th century. They carry that tradition today with a blend of polyamide in the same sophisticated fits they’ve created over the past century.
Pair the Honolulu swimwear set (it comes with a headband!) with a pair of sunnies, and you’re set for spring and beyond!

swimwear for spring break

Lahco Honolulu Swimsuit Set  •  Vintage Oversized Sunglasses


Esther Williams, the Million Dollar Mermaid, dazzled the nation with her swimming and acting abilities during the ‘40s and ‘50s. She was also a cunning businesswoman who utilized her brand to spread her glamour to beaches across the world.

swimwear for spring break

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Today, you can own a piece of Esther Williams swimwear yourself — this two-piece manages to be sweet and sassy yet modest and classy with its high-waist bottoms and cute lobster print! Pair this with a ultra wide-brim hat to avoid a sunburn— your swimsuit may have shellfish on it, but that’s not a reason to be crabby!

swimwear for spring break

Esther Williams Classic Lobster Two Piece Swimsuit  •  San Diego Extra Large Brim Hat
AJ Morgan Hopper Sunglasses


Marilyn Monroe—the original beauty queen. When we’re talking sexy, we often look to standards Marilyn set before us. That being said, from the words of Monroe herself, “you can read about yourself, but what’s most important is how you feel about yourself”. Pay homage to the original bombshell with the Esther Williams Marilyn swim dress. With a silhouette that calls to one of Marilyn’s most famous moments, you’ll feel sexy yet covered anytime you slip on this little skirted number. Pair it with a nice cat-eye pair of sunnies for a classic look!

swimwear for spring break

Marilyn Photo Credit

Esther Williams Marilyn Swimdress  •  Slice Sunglasses


Speaking of classic looks, let’s talk about all black everything. It may be spring, but let’s be honest – black is and will always be the most flattering and classic go-to color. As someone who identifies as more Morticia than Marilyn, I’m thankful we have a few all black options in stock!

swimwear for spring break

Huit Coming Soon Convertible Swim Top and Brief  •  Esther Williams Marilyn Swimdress
Esther Williams Classic Solid Swimsuit


Can’t wait to see all of your sunny adventures this spring break! Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your vintage-inspired swim looks!