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New Orleans loves any opportunity for a parade and St. Patrick’s day is no different! The Greater New Orleans area hosts multiple parades celebrating Irish heritage spanning from the Friday before March 17th and even after St. Patrick’s day.


A city-wide favorite, the Irish Channel Parade passes through the neighborhood where the Uptown Trashy Diva locations are located. The Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club hosts this parade annually on the Saturday before the holiday if St. Patrick’s day does not fall on a Saturday. Riders on floats are known to throw cabbages, carrots, and potatoes in addition to beads and other typical goodies.


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The hundreds of club members dress in formal suits – handing out green and orange flowers in exchange for kisses from parade attendees.


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The Divas were a bit sad this year that the route had changed. Candice always throws a party on the balcony above the dress shop. Check out some photos from previous years:


Will you sport green Trashy Diva on the 17th?