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Mardi Gras is here which means it’s time to dress in your most festive attire! One effortless way to spruce up any outfit is to add a petticoat because it adds an element of fun the instant you put one on! Here are just a couple examples of super easy ways to make your Trashy Diva wardrobe Mardi Gras ready.

The Uptown Parade Watcher

The parades on Saint Charles street are led by some of the oldest and most prestigious Krewes. As such, one may want to celebrate with more sophisticated attire such as our Kelly Cutaway Coat paired with one of our favorite LBD and a purple Jennifer Chiffon Petticoat underneath. A touch of yellow in the Tiered Statement Necklace completes the traditional Mardi Gras color palette. Appropriately themed cutaway shoes brought to you by Chelsea Crew.

The Downtown Party Girl

Venture downtown and you’ll find that the parades are usually a little more DIY, funky, and edgy with a bit of raunchiness as well! Blend right in with this party girl look featuring a Beaded Samba Bra by Western Fashions. Using two shorter style Sam’s Petticoats and layering them to create a skirt is a simple way to create a fun bottom piece. Top this look off with a fluffy boa, some purple and gold Cat Eye Sunnies and awesome thigh-high boots!

The Casual Goer

Sometimes, regardless of where you go during the season, you just want to be yourself. This look is the perfect example of how a petticoat and some simple accessories can completely transform every day wear into festival wear. The practical Blanche Dress paired with a fascinator and a petticoat make a great outfit to spend your Mardi Gras in. Add the Remix Cloche Heel and you’re out the door and in celebration mode in no time!

Happy Mardi Gras!