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Trashy Diva’s newest collection – Crimson Clover – lends itself so well to vintage jewelry! We were able to use several unique pieces in our photo shoot with lovely Courtney, and we have put some specially sourced vintage pieces out in stores, just for you lovely ladies, to coordinate with the collection!


In 1892, the Swarovski Company patented a machine, making the cutting of glass into gem-like stones possible on a large scale. This Vintage Rhinestone and Filigree Necklace¬†is a fine example of 1920s Czech jewelry with emphasis on singular stones and filigree metal work. It’s perfectly Bohemian!


The other type of popular jewelry coming out of Bohemia during the 20s was made from glass beads. This shade of green, known as Neiger Green was one of the most desired during this time. This Vintage Czech Bead Lariat Necklace¬†features a shorter length of bugle beads wired together, ending in a “Y” made of round beads and rhinestone rondelles. It complements the minty green leaves flawlessly!


After the end of WWII, rhinestone jewelry really took off. By the 1950s, colored rhinestones were all the rage. This Vintage Floral and Rhinestone Necklace, with its lighter blue stones and coordinating pink and green enamel, provides a faultless contrast.


In the postwar era of exuberance , VERY large earrings became all the rage. Most of these look too large to our modern eyes as earrings, but make fantastic dress and shoe clips! Dress clips work great on a range of our styles to provide an extra pop of ornamentation, but they are my favorite on the 1940s Dress! The Vintage Flower Cluster Clip Earrings and their tiny cream and pink flowers with rhinestone centers give the dress that extra touch of joie de vivre!


Add a touch of whimsy to your Crimson Clover with a Vintage Umbrella Squirrel Pin. These petite fellows date from the late 40s to early 50s, and have been restored to their former glory. All three colorways will coordinate with the Crimson Clover collection, and are the perfect accessory for Easter!

Check out our website and stores for more one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry to match the Crimson Clover collection.


Photo Credit 1/2/3