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It’s no secret that Trashy Diva designer Candice Gwinn has a long-standing love affair with Asian design and artwork. We have featured many collections over the years that highlight the lush tapestry of colors and elements used in traditional Asian design, from vintage Japanese lantern prints to dragon embroidery and even kimono sleeves (both traditional and modified). One of the earliest Trashy Diva designs to draw on Asian inspiration is one of our most iconic styles, the effortlessly chic Obi Dress.

Erin-Obi Dress-Vintage Pattern

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The most common association in today’s fashion world with the word “obi” is that of a flat, broad belt with wrap-around ties. The original “obi,” however, is the sash tie for a kimono. Worn by both men and women in traditional Japanese society, there is a rich history associated with the many ways it can be styled, down to the significance of certain knots.

That signature center sash is one of the most flattering elements of our Obi Dress, as it draws the eye to the narrowest part of the waist, creating a beautifully defined hourglass shape. The plunging crossover bodice accentuates the bust regardless of size and creates a silhouette that is at once sexy and classic.

Erin-Obi Dress-Vintage Ladies

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The matching deep V in the back draws the eye again to the nipped waist. The draped sleeves and keyhole at the shoulder create the illusion of a capelet shape, adding an element of true vintage style to your look. The overall result is a dramatic and luxe 1940s shape, virtually dripping with glamour.


The Obi has been released in over a dozen incarnations over the years in both knee length and full floor length versions, prints and solids, silks and rayons. We’ve had versions with contrast center panels and flutter sleeves – all just variations on one perfect, classic theme. It is one of Trashy Diva’s most beloved designs for good reason. If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated dress that will turn heads and drop jaws, look no further than the Obi.

Erin-Obi Dress-TD Obi

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