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If you’ve visited the majestic expanse of City Park, you’re no doubt familiar with the interwoven lagoons, canopied by ancient oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Beneath these boughs, Robert Dula makes his living, providing New Orleanians and visitors alike with a unique old world experience.


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There couldn’t have been a more perfect setting in which to shoot our romantic Venice Nights collection, the first in a series of annual tourist prints that will take Trashy Diva around the globe! We were so thrilled to work with Robert and the ever-lovely Courtney to bring this collection to life.


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Robert, who began his career as a gondolier in 2004, has seen so much in his time in this unique profession. This spans from surviving Hurricane Ivan in Florida only to move to New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina (he had to sink his beautiful gondola both times to avoid it being irreparably damaged!) to happier moments on the ship he lovingly named after his mother. “I have witnessed 384 proposal on board Bella Mae (all yes!) and numerous anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays and guys trying to get out of the doghouse. I thoroughly love what I do and hope to continue for many years to come,” he said.


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To learn more about NOLA Gondola and book your very own romantic row through the oaks, visit – keep in mind the beautiful lights during Celebration in the Oaks, starting November 25th, for the perfect twilight ride!
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You can read more about Robert’s backstory here:  


Also, find out more information on what to do and see in the beautiful City Park, visit