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Divas! Summer is winding down and–at least in our part of the world–that means we’re looking forward to spending some time outside again. Our new Mime Time collection is perfectly transitional: the light pastels sketched on olive green cotton voile can be accessorized for summer or fall. Inspired by the mimes and penny-farthings pedaling across this print, we’re here to keep you cruising through New Orleans with a spotlight on some of our favorite bike-friendly spots around the city.

Left to right: Penny-farthing from Briole PhotographyMime Time Marcella Dress


Dashing Bicycles
1234 N. Broad St., New Orleans, LA 70119

We adore Dashing Bicycles, New Orleans’s only woman-owned bike shop! Dashing carries a variety of brands and styles, from cruising to racing. More than a store, Dashing is a community space, offering family-friendly events year round. Owner Marin Tockman says, “I opened Dashing as a popup for different affairs and night markets in October 2013, and I quickly realized that I wanted to take the company from selling bike accessories to being a space not—just a retail space but a space for people to feel comfortable talking and also working on their bicycles in a way that is more commuter friendly than I was seeing in the market. And also I knew from my personal experience as a bike advocate that I wanted to create a space where there was a platform for them as well. So that’s kind of the mission of Dashing: to be family- and women- friendly, and also be a catalyst in the community to support active transportation and advocate for better infrastructure and transportation access.” Even if you’re not in the market for a bicycle, Dashing can help you pick out the perfect helmet or even fix your flat tire. Occasionally, they host neighborhood and fundraising events. Stop by and say hi or grab a cup of coffee! Read more about Dashing in this interview with Broad Community Connections, and visit their website to find your new bicycle here!

Left to Right: Image from GoInvade; Marin & Dashing from Momentum Mag

Lafitte Greenway
Midcity, New Orleans, LA


New Orleans is super flat and it never gets too cold here, making for ideal biking conditions. New bike lanes and bike-friendly areas like the Lafitte Greenway are creating a safer city for cyclists. Opening in 2015, The Lafitte Greenway is a 2.6-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail and green corridor connecting neighborhoods from Armstrong Park to City Park. What is now the Greenway was originally a canal and later a railroad right-of-way. Perfect for walking or bicycling, shift your outfit into active mode and head out onto the Greenway! The Lafitte Greenway transforms one of the city’s most historic transportation corridors–originally a canal connecting to Bayou St. John to the edge of the French Quarter, and later a railroad right-of-way that has sat vacant since the mid-twentieth century–into a multi-use transportation corridor and linear park. Strolling down the greenway, you’ll see playgrounds, sports fields, and even some gardens. They hosted a tree giveaway last spring and always have fun events on the horizon. For more information, visit the Lafitte Greenway online.

Left to right: Image from Lafitte GreenwayWildflowers Streetcar Dress


Bike Easy


At home in the Big Easy, Bike Easy’s mission is to harness “the power of bicycling to help create a healthy, prosperous, resilient, and equitable future for all people of the region.” Envisioning safe, convenient transportation options for everyone in the city as well as the freedom to get around safely and easily, Bike Easy aims to share the joy of bicycling. Streets safe for cycling are safe for walking, and when neighbors meet on the streets, community thrives and grows. By focusing on education, advocacy, and community, Bike Easy makes New Orleans a safer and better place. Located in Central City, Bike Easy Visit Bike Easy’s website for a safe cycling map and more information about the good work they do.

Left to right: Jesse in Trashy Diva & bike shorts; Image from Bike Easy


Nola Women on Bikes


We love the mission of Nola Women on Bikes, an organization that works to break down barriers to bicycling among women and transgender people of all backgrounds. This fantastic organization creates social cohesion, empowering members through peer-to-peer exchanges, skill sharing and education and social events. Additionally, Nola Women on Bikes develops job training and mentorship opportunities for local girls, young women, and LGBTQ youth interested in bicycle industry-related careers. We love how they work hard to make our city a better place, now and for the future. Follow them on Facebook to find out more!

Left to right: Mime Time Bernadette Skirt; Bike map from Bike Easy; Image from NOLA Women on Bikes

Well divas, I hope you slip into your Mime Time, hop on your pretty pink cruiser, and join in the fun. Any of these fantastic shops and organizations can help get you going, and New Orleans offers plenty of social bike rides and meet ups, too! Check out this listing in The Gambit and cruise into the summer sunset in style!


(Oh yeah–and don’t forget, we’ve got some cute bike shorts and eyewear to keep you covered!)






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