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Lynsey Hand took her years of experience in the industry and created the UK-based brand of Miss L Fire in spring of 2005. The label’s 1940s and 50s old glamour paired with new school quirky style quickly spread like the wildfire they are, appearing around the globe in various publications and eventually onto their own American flagship boutique based out of the home of vintage glamour itself, Hollywood California. Now, you can catch her blazing a trail across American appearing in our very own Trashy Diva shoe shop window!

1941 --- 1940s Women Legs Only Walking High Heeled Shoes --- Image by © H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Corbis

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The collection is populated by the classic period elements of the 1940/50s women’s shoes- slingbacks with sturdy straps and thick heels, easy slip on pumps, and winter booties doubled with eye-catching elements of lucite or buckles and buttons that make each pair just plain special without sacrificing wearability.


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Platform shoes had their first spark of popularity in the 1940s and have barely given up the fashion limelight since. Miss L Fire‘s platform wedges and solid heels are a great response to a trend that never dies, offering fan favorites in unique shades and other spectacular elements making every shoe put a little bit more oomph than in just another investment piece.


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