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Flirty eyelash lace, polka dots and bows —these are common punctuations in the world of Mimi Holliday.


If your style of lingerie is composed of sugar, spice and everything nice, this is the brand for you.

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Self-described as “lovable formula that works,” Mimi Holliday’s Demaris Evans paved the way for several modern trends in the realm of luxury lingerie.

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“Damaris has broken the mould in lingerie—no one sold knickers over £100.00 before her,” The Times said.


Her bow-back panties and fluttery-eyed bras succeeded both commercially and critically among lingerie fanatics and became staples on every corner—quite the feat for a line that began on a kitchen table and a small grant that barely covered supply costs.

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Part of the brand’s success was lent by the fact it strives to deliver its exceptional quality to all body-types, carrying more than 69 sizes within its line ranging from AA-GG. When you purchase a piece of Mimi Holliday, you’re investing in perfectly functional pieces that contour and flatter the shape of your own body while maintaining a highly-stylized design.

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While Mimi’s typical take on lingerie is reminiscent of rainbows and ice cream, recent collections have brought out a smokier, sexier spin on her designs, such as the Opium collection—a lux, wintery beauty in rich red wines and charcoal greys.

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Whatever you’re looking for, whether you’re a veteran lingerie aficionado or new to the club, you can rest assured in the quality and price of Mimi Holliday.

Parting with the words of Demaris herself:


‘Avant-garde lingerie should be full of surprises. It must push design boundaries. Through lingerie a woman shows her true style.It is integral that my designs are luxurious, fun, interesting, cool and essentially, functional.’

Mimi Holliday, Lingerie, IntimatesPhoto credit: 1