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Hello there divas! I’m back with another edition of our new blog series, Meet the Fans! Each week, we’ll be featuring one of our incredible customers on the blog, learning about her life and listening to (dare I say, stealing from?) her style tips. This week, we’re happy to introduce you to the ever-lovely Bitta! 


Hey Bitta! To start with, how long have you been shopping at Trashy Diva?
I’ve been shopping with TD since 2014.


Where are you from, and where do you live now?
I was born in New Orleans but raised in Slidell, LA. After high school I moved to Virginia Beach/ Norfolk, VA to be with my spouse who was in the Navy. Things didn’t work out and I moved back home, spending a few months in Baton Rouge while looking for my current residence in Pearl River, LA.


What do you do for a living?
I am blessed to be a paramedic. I have been in first response since 1999, when I was on a canine search and rescue team with my own dogs, and then I branched out to the volunteer fire departments. I had to end those activities due to moving to Virginia, but there I became an EMT in a three week course with the Navy. I worked with a Medical transport company in Norfolk and when I moved back home I started working with Acadian Ambulance. I’ve been with Acadian almost 13 years and obtained my paramedic in 2007. 


Any favorite hobbies or pastimes?
One of my favorite things to do is collect and smoke cigars. I also love to collect and shoot guns. Both collections rival my boyfriend’s, and I’m currently working a project to build my own rifle. Of course I also love to spend time with my two Great Danes, and I dabble with modeling. I am also known to collect vintage jewelry, purses, and hats!

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That’s a really diverse list of hobbies! How did you find out about Trashy Diva originally?
I found out about TD by walking through the French Quarter. My boyfriend decided he was taking me to Phantom Of the Opera for my birthday one year and HE was wearing his tux, so I needed a dress to fit the occasion. I found the dragonfly long satin honey and was hooked!


Confession time! Just HOW MANY Trashy Diva pieces do you own?
I own over 30 pieces. I may have an addiction.


What do you love most about Trashy Diva as a company?
I love how empowering the company is to women. The fact that it’s owned and operated by women is amazing…. and they all look fabulous doing it!


What is your #1 favorite Trashy Diva item, and why?
Anything Forget Me Not Floral.


If you could only save three pieces of your Trashy Diva collection from a fire, what would you choose?
Anything (and everything!) Forget Me Not Floral.

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If you could be gifted one piece of Trashy Diva that you don’t currently own (from any era or collection) what would it be and why?
The 1940’s Velvet Robe!


Who do you look to for style inspiration?
I’m a fan of the 1940’s and love the Art Deco era. Normally when I style something I always make sure to have something vintage on, and it’s usually my jewelry, purse, or hat. I am lucky to come in contact with elderly ladies that grew up in the 40’s, and never pass up a chance to talk fashion and hair styles of their era. I also tend to glam things up unintentionally. I think it’s my minds way of making sure I’m not in a uniform and boots!


Anything else you’d like to share?
I think TD is an amazing brand. Being a larger woman, it’s nice to be able to go into a store and try on these dresses and have them fit properly and the sizing run true to size. The prints and cuts are always so beautiful, and any woman can find a style that works with her body shape. I love that there is no body shaming and that TD uses women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to model their clothing! I also love the positive community that surrounds this brand.
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Thank you so much for chatting with us, Bitta! We’re thrilled to have you as a customer, and I hope if I’m ever in an emergency situation you’re the first to the scene! Tune in next week when we get the scoop on another fabulous fan, and until then, stay sexy!


-Diva Kia