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Good morning, lovelies! Trashy Diva is excited to announce a new blog series, Meet the Fans! Each week, we’ll be featuring one of our incredible customers on the blog, learning about her life and listening to (dare I say, stealing from?) her style tips. We’re lucky to have so many amazing ladies who shop with us, so it seemed only natural to give them the stage for a little while. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our first dynamite diva, Ashley!


Hey Ashley! First of all, how long have you been shopping at Trashy Diva?
I’ve been shopping with Trashy Diva sparingly for years, but the obsession really kicked in about two years ago. It’s rare when I skip a collection these days!


Where are you from, and where do you live now?
I’m born and raised in Los Angeles. I currently live in a family-friendly suburb, but I’m a short drive from everything this wonderful city has to offer.


Any favorite hobbies or pastimes?
I dedicate most of my free time to my personal style blog (  I take my own photos, so photography has become a big passion of mine over the six years I’ve been blogging. It also ties in my love for writing, so it’s really the holy grail of hobbies for me!!


How did you find out about Trashy Diva originally?
I originally found Trashy Diva through a trip to New Orleans seven years ago. I loved the style, but wasn’t aware that there was an online store.  Over time, my personal style really took to mid-century cuts and that’s when I discovered Trashy Diva again. It’s been a whirlwind romance ever since! I’m planning another trip to New Orleans this year and heading back to the store is at the top of my list!

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Confession time! Just HOW MANY Trashy Diva pieces do you own?
Hold on–let me count! Looks like I have 36 pieces right now. I’m sure that number will multiply this year..


What do you love most about Trashy Diva as a company?
I love the personal touch Trashy Diva provides, even when I’m thousands of miles away. Every employee is so sweet and approachable. I’ve asked for sizing advice and always receive a detailed and informative response. It’s rare to find such wonderful customer service these days!


What is your #1 favorite Trashy Diva item, and why?
If we’re talking about an item from my closet, it would be my Blue Hawaii Jayna dress. The Jayna is my all-time favorite cut (hint hint, more Jayna dresses please). I’m also very attached to the Annette dress and anything that comes in stretch rayon. I can’t get enough of them!


If you could only save three pieces of your Trashy Diva collection from a fire, what would you choose?
My Blue Hawaii Jayna, Lucy Dots Lucille, and French Quarter Gathered Skirt.

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If you could be gifted one piece of Trashy Diva that you don’t currently own (from any era or collection) what would it be and why?
Sci-Fi Rockets Annette, hands down! I’ve been searching for that dress for years… YEARS! The fabric, print, and cut is just the trifecta of perfection. I would do unspeakable things for that dress!


Who do you look to for style inspiration?
I mostly look to my fellow Divas for style inspiration. My best friend Sammi is such a beautiful and stylish Diva! But pretty much everyone in the DSTD group has me heart-eyed.


Anything else you’d like to share?
I’m just so happy to have Trashy Diva in my life. While beautiful, well-made clothing is the reason I became a customer, the loving and supportive community based around it really makes it special.


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Thanks for the chat, Ashley, and for sharing all your wonderful pictures with us! Y’all should definitely check out Ashley’s style blog, and find her on Instagram where she regularly posts pictures of her incredible outfits! We’ll be back next week with more style insight from our favorite beauties!


-Diva Kia