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You’ve already met the Divas, but what about their pets?! Allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorite furballs!


Leslie, Special Projects Manager

meet the diva pets leslie

“Dottie. Age 4. Pittbull. I found her just before Isaac, and formally adopted her as my 30th birthday gift. Find her on instagram at #dottiethevintagewoofer!”


Danielle, Online Marketing

meet the diva pets danielle

“Spooky and Savage were the only two in their litter. They are long haired dachshunds who are inseparable and love to get into trouble. I originally planned to only adopt one but then I came home with 2 puppies. Oops! They recently graduated level 2 of their puppy obedience class. I am so glad I have these boys in my life!



Personality: Full of energy and is always up for adventure

Interests: Vacuums, his ducky toy

Special Talents: Bouncing on the bed



Personality: Very serious but snuggly and gentle.

Interests: Hunting (particularly lizards), climbing on top of things so he can be tall

Special Talents: Slithering like a snake”


Aubrey, Boutique Diva turned world traveler

meet the diva pets aubrey

“This is Josie, my wiener!!!!! I adopted her from the SPCA two years ago and now she is my shadow!!! She also protects me by catching flies in her mouth and eating them and attempting to fight off predators with her ferocious bark.”


Jen, Office Manager

meet the diva pets jen

“Meet Roux, the latest addition in my quest to one day have all the animals! He’s a sweetheart who grabbed my leg as I was walking past his crate at an adoption event and, of course, had to come home with us. He seems to have taken to our pups, Peanut & Wrigley, (who already had their time in the spotlight) pretty well and even spoons them on occasion! Find more cute with #whodatrouxcat on Instagram!”


Kia, Photo Editor and Writer

meet the diva pets kia

“The black one is George Gordon Lord Byron (aka Byron). He is large like a panther and was recently diagnosed with separation anxiety. As a result, I am now one of those people who gives their cat Prozac. He does not like it, even when i hide it in delicious canned cat food. Byron enjoys playing fetch, sitting, and generally acting in no way like a cat.


Stormageddon (Storm) was named after the baby in that one episode of Doctor Who. He is wirey and slender and feels like a bunny when you pet him. His chief delight is sitting directly on your face (or as close as he can get) and mooshing his flanks into your nostrils. He also enjoys making regular breaks for freedom (they’re both indoor cats, but were originally strays from the mean streets, something I think Storm, particularly, has never gotten over).


They like to nap together and play fight in a manner that makes onlookers concerned for their wellbeing. They are amazing.”


Beth, Customer Service

meet the diva pets beth

“This is my pup Cannoli, but we call her Noli. When I adopted her, she had a skin disease that prevented hair from growing and caused huge sites on her body. They didn’t think she’d live long but we got her to a specialist and she made a full recovery. She’s the best.”


Ardan, Boutique Diva

meet the diva pets ardan

“Her name is Jazz. She’s a 5.5 year old black lab mix that’s a little depressed most of the time. She spends a lot of her time moping, hopping the fence to run away, being antisocial at the dog park, chewing up her parents’ pants while they’re away (she sticks it to the man) and writing emo poetry on her Xanga. She also really enjoys coffee but only when it is mine. Her long-term goals include moving out and going to art school at SCAD. Her short-term goals include eating every last pair of pants I own. Her co-parent Cory and I are very proud of her.”


Brittney, Assistant Photographer

meet the diva pets brittney

“Millie is a Catahoula- the official Louisiana State Dog! She is a 2 year old (Aquarius) LA/SPCA rescue. She makes fast friends with anyone holding food. We cannot walk down the street without people commenting on her and she loves to show off all of her tricks for them. She is the most wonderful little creature I’ve ever met even if she does hog the bed. In all reality, she’s a really great pup.”


Amelia, Graphic Designer

meet the diva pets amelia

“Faulkner (aka Faulkie, Faulk Ass, Da Faulk) came to me in the fall of 2013 as a stray kitten who wouldn’t leave. After forcing himself into my home and heart, Faulkner quickly became my loyal little man. After two and a half years together, we are nearly inseparable. We enjoy the same fast food and have even been known to dress up in coordinating costumes. Faulkner is a master lounger and a fearless explorer. He loves discovering new appliances within which to sit and ways to sneak attack his moms and other cats. This spring we are moving to our third apartment together, where I look forward to endless games of hide and seek and installing multiple end tables so that he may always have a spot to sit in the sun.”


Ashley, Warehouse Manager

meet the diva pets ashley

“So this is Grey Kitty. Grey Kitty ran up to my boyfriend and me one day and was pretty much like, “I’m here now.” So he’s not really my pet, just a super fluffy friend that hangs out at my house every day and has a bunch of toys, food, brush, treats and a favorite blanket he likes to nap on. I’ve also just recently hit the next crazy cat lady level and started making him little felt cat nip toys. He’s the sweetest, biggest kitty ever and is sometimes super thoughtful and brings us treats! He’s brought us a number of lizards, 3 rats, a mouse and a bird. How nice. We also don’t really know if he is a he…that’s just the pronoun that stuck. So this is Grey Kitty, and if you’re ever walking around the Bayou Saint John area and see this giant, grey ball of fur heading your way, say hi and give him (or her) a little pet, because he loves making new friends.”


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