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Put your dancing shoes on, because you’ll want to Charleston the night away with this 1920s-loving Diva! Next time you visit the Magazine Street Dress Boutique, be prepared to get mesmerized by her baby blues and dance skills…



Hey, pretty lady! What’s your name and what’s your job at Trashy Diva? How long have you worked at Trashy Diva?
Hi! My name is Ilana, and I have been working at TD for a little over a year now. You can find me at the Magazine Street Dress Store.

What do you love most about living in New Orleans?
I am in love with the unique eclectic culture and the stubbornness of the residents here to maintain it.


Which do you prefer… Halloween or Mardi Gras?
Halloween! Mardi Gras is very special but it takes a lot out of me and I get burnt out quickly.

Halloween here in NOLA is like a one day Mardi Gras where you can give it your all and then be done with it without too many headaches.

Confession time! Just HOW MANY Trashy Diva pieces do you own?
Around 40 pieces, but I am afraid to actually count.


If you could only save 3 Trashy Diva pieces from a fire, which ones would you pick?
1. Hottie Dress in Blue Gingham.
2. Flapper Robe in red.
3. Zelda Dress.

What’s your favorite dress and/or accessory in the stores right now?
My favorite dress is always and forever the Hottie Dress, because it is so cute and comfortable, especially for the summer time. My favorite accessory is the plethora of Namrata Joshipura headbands we carry. Perfect for instant glam/a bad hair day.

What are your style inspirations?
I was told by a fellow diva that I am a mix of a ’20s flapper girl, a feminist riot girrrl, and the witches from the movie The Craft. I feel as though that is probably the most accurate description I have heard thus far.



What’s your favorite book and film? (And which film has the best fashion in it ever?)
It’s hard to pick just one of anything but a couple favorites are Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Heathers and True Romance. Some of my favorite things to read are by Mary Roach, Margaret Atwood Charles Bukowski, and Dorothy Parker.

Though not a film, I think HBO did a great job of recreating the look and ambiance of the 1920s in the show Boardwalk Empire. Every time I watch an episode I get inspired.

What classic film stars are your favorite?
Bette Davis, because she was such a force with a whole lot of sass and talent. I also really admire Josephine Baker for being a a trail blazer and an all around mesmerizing entertainer.

When you’re not at Trashy Diva, how do you like to spend your time?
I like cooking tasty vegetarian meals, as well as dancing the night away with my friends. I can also be found curled up on my couch with my cat watching Netflix.

Thanks, Ilana!

Ashley R.