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Happy Mardi Gras, Divas! This week, instead of Meet the Fans, we thought we’d put a spotlight on the Carnival festivities here in New Orleans, and see how local divas incorporated Trashy Diva pieces into their costumes and ensembles. Mia, above, is kicking it in the French Quarter in our Hourglass Apple Tartlet Dress and the aptly named Re-Mix Carnival 3 Heels. It’s the final day of Carnival, Zulu and Rex have rolled, and all that’s left to do is enjoy the evening and celebrate one last day of indulgence before lent. Laissez les bons temps rouler!



Day or night, Lovebirds was a popular choice during parade season! Bitta is luminous in the Trixie Dress, while Trashy Diva photographer Brittney was the envy of the St. Charles parade route in her Hopscotch and coordinating pink wig!


Party of the joy of Carnival is celebrating it with old friends – or making new ones along the way! It’s not uncommon to pass by a house and find yourself warmly invited in, leaving with a drink in your hand a smile on your face! Here, Brandi and friend stake out a good spot on the parade route in the Ruffled Feathers Lena Sarong, and superfans Jessica and Aubry celebrate in style in the Leopard Dottie and navy blue Daisy Mae Dress (perfectly accessorized with matching petticoats!)



Of course, it wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without repping the old black and gold! Hannah was (coco)nuts for Grand Fleur when she got up bright and early this morning to Krewe of Zulu, and Laura hit the flower-themed Iris parade in her Grand Fleur Annette and an eye-catching King Cake headpiece!

Some divas prefer to keep it classic, and nothing says style like these chic staples! Anne (far left, far right) took it back to basics in the Black L’Amour and Lizzie Dress in Black Knit, giving her look a seasonal twist with bold beads from Krewe of Muses and the Kelly Cutaway Coat in Jade Watercolor. Meanwhile, Annette and her beau coordinated beautifully before headed out for the Thoth parade in our Leopard Streetcar Dress.


We’ve been saying all season that Ferns is perfect for partying, and superfans Katie and Laura got the memo! Day drinking or frolicking the night away at the Muses parade, these ladies are rocking their Psychedelic Ferns! (See? We told you it looked excellent with beads!)


Meanwhile, in the French Quarter, Gipsy looked fabulously festive in our Mardi Gras print, bringing out those sweet pastels with a coordinating cardigan and spectator heels and Annette hit Barkus (New Orleans’ only canine krewe!) in classic southern Seersucker.


Speaking of festive, Karen embodies the essence of Carnival in her Dogwood L’Amour, accessorized with a slender purple belt and bold purple cardigan. We never would have thought of pairing Dogwood with purple, but we have to say, the combination looks fantastic (and perfect for Mardi Gras!)


Gipsy knocked it out of the park again in this bright and eye-catching ensemble, sporting the Hourglass Liz Dress with matching Magenta Cropped Cardigan. We love her look, but we’ve got to admit, we have a bit of a soft spot for her partner’s jacket (see if you can spot the third family member hidden amidst the plushies!) In  her blue wig, Karen is almost unrecognizable, repping Trashy Diva intimates with a mermaid-inspired look crafted from our Sequin Top, purple Petticoat, and High-Waist Sequin Shorts.


We were so excited to spot so much Trashy Diva ‘in the wild’ this Mardi Gras! Remember; it’s never too early to start planning your costumes for next year!


Happy Mardi Gras, divas!




Diva Kia