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It’s that time of year again, divas: March Madness is upon us! Throughout the month of March, Trashy Diva fans (that’s you!) will have the chance to vote for their favorites as 8 of Trashy Diva’s Heritage Prints face off. The winning print will be reissued later this year in a range of classic styles. It’s the perfect opportunity to nab that unicorn!


This year, voting will work a little differently. In order to participate, Follow us on Facebook to see which prints will battle off each day. Voting will be open for 24 hours only, starting at noon CST and finishing at noon the following day. We’ll be moving through March Madness fast, so keep your eyes glued to the Facebook page for new prints every day!


For each daily bracket we’ll be uploading two images, one for each print in the division. To vote, you may either like or share the individual image of the print you want to win. A like is one point and a share is two, so if you really want to give your favorite a boost get sharing!


As always, the head diva may have a few tricks up her sleeve. It’s called March Madness, after all! So keep in mind that the winning print may get a small makeover; a different color palette, for example. We’re so excited to see what you’ll pick as your winner! Let the games begin!


-The Divas