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This February, the Divas took Vegas in the hopes of finding the best and newest goods for our boutiques. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about the annual spring MAGIC Trade Show in Sin City. This year, Divas Erin, Mia, and Amelia (aka me) joined Head Diva Candice for four days of shopping and brand scouting in fabulous Las Vegas.

vegas trip

City sights and a very bright selfie stick selfie.


You may be thinking, “what could be better than shopping in Vegas for four days?!” But don’t be fooled – shopping all day for Trashy Diva is exhausting. You are running on not enough sleep and entirely too much coffee. Diet Pepsi is in abundance, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have located a Diet Coke. (Much to the chagrin of Candice and myself, Diet Pepsi seems to be the unofficial sponsor of MAGIC Las Vegas. Give us Diet Coke or give us death. Luckily one of the 17 local Walgreens had us covered.)

magic las vegas

MAGIC. More selfies.


Days spent at MAGIC involved visiting the booths of some of our favorite brands (including Jan Michaels, Latico, Re-Mix, and B.A.I.T., to name a few) and discovering new brands to carry in store and online (hello, Rocket Dog, Swedish Hasbeens, and Zenzii!). We even placed orders with old favorites such as Irregular Choice and Leaders in Leather.

magic las vegas

Diva Mia takes shopping very seriously. And we *can’t even* with these B.A.I.T. gold boots!


And let’s not forget about all the treasures we picked up from the overwhelmingly glittery Cash and Carry booths, which offered everything from bedazzled clutches to faux bakelite bangles to elaborate masquerade masks and fascinators. Since these items had no order restrictions and could be bought on the spot, the Cash and Carry was a particularly dangerous area. (I came away with a rhinestone flapper headband that’s completely ridiculous and only cost $14.)

magic las vegas

Woodlard? Close enough. Sadly, no Diva hats were purchased.


In between booth-hopping, we were able to meet the designers and brand reps behind some of our best-selling labels. Miss L Fire herself held court at her shoe booth, as did Jeffrey Campbell and Jan Michaels. We even met up with Bernie Dexter from the eponymous clothing line. Our favorite designer attendee, however, was hands down Julie Kim from B.A.I.T. A favorite friend of Candice’s, Julie is both polished and playful, much like her line of footwear. When she showed up to dinner at Batista’s Hole in the Wall wearing a mod minidress with cat faces all over it (and perfectly matched Donna from beloved stockist Donna’s Dress Shop, who was also wearing this amazing dress along with an equally amazing gravity-defying beehive), I knew we were soulmates.

magic las vegas

No shotgun wedding on this Vegas trip, but Candice did get propositioned by Ellie of Miss Ellie NYC (left). Group photo with Bernie Dexter (middle), and getting wild with Julie and Donna (right).


Admittedly, there wasn’t much time for activities other than market shopping. But, being Divas, we of course managed to squeeze in some fun! Dining each night was an extravagant affair as we had some of the best restaurants in the country at our fingertips. Batista’s, the Caesar’s Palace Bacchanal Buffet, Mon Ami Gabi, Nobu… All incredibly beautiful and satisfying experiences with stellar service. (Jonathan from Nobu – we haven’t forgotten about you.) During the day, we usually took advantage of the complimentary lunch bars set up for the MAGIC folk, which offered pretty standard fare but made me feel very fashionable nonetheless. “I’ll take the white bean soup, dahhling!”

magic las vegas

Cheers to us! And to ridiculously fancy breakfast in bed!


At night, there are basically two options for Vegas entertainment post-dinner and drinks: gambling or going to a show. Or more drinking. For our last night in town, we did all three. Up first was Batista’s with the B.A.I.T. and Donna’s Dress Shop crew (free bottomless table wine y’all), followed by the incredible Absinthe show right outside our hotel, followed by some slight tequila intake, followed by ruthless gambling with Britney Spears and Dolly Parton. Our Southern songstresses definitely had our back that night, with Erin winning approximately $35 dollars off Britney and my win following behind at about $25. Dolly was not so kind. She ate our money. (We forgive you, Dolly.)

magic las vegas

The Divas do what the Divas do. (Except for the acrobatics – we can’t do that.) Corgi Cash 4eva.


The next day, after one last stop at Mandalay Bay to visit Jeffrey Campbell, Frye, and Irregular Choice, our Vegas trip came to a close. We arrived back in New Orleans at a little past midnight, ridiculously tired but pleased with our mini vacation. After all, business trips to Vegas may only come every once in awhile, but champagne water bottles and the pride that comes with leaving your room fridge completely untouched lasts forever.

magic las vegas

This water bottle was a non-negotiable.


In thinking on my MAGIC trip, I realize that it’s pretty inspiring to be surrounded by people who are so involved in the fashion industry, from buying to designing to coordinating to simply taking it all in. Attending MAGIC was a very cool experience that left me with a lot of gratitude for my job and coworkers and a deeper understanding of where Trashy Diva fits into the fashion world. Not that I have to remind any of you, but we’re killin’ it in the realm of vintage reproduction. No one does it better. And I’m so excited to see how we build upon that in the years to come.