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Where shall we adventure, to-day that we’re afloat,

  Wary of the weather and steering by a star?   

Shall it be to Africa, a-steering of the boat,   

  To Providence, or Babylon, or off to Malabar?

                                                  Robert Louis Stevenson


Ahoy, Diva’s! Diva Brooke here to share some lingerie favorites. With the launch of our latest collection, Pirate Treasure, it’s safe to say that we have all agreed — a pirate’s life for me! Pirate lore is full of adventure, exotic faraway lands, and romance. What better way to capture the enchanting spirit of pirate life than by reveling in some beautiful lingerie? Let’s take to the sea and discover what precious pearls of seduction we can find.

What is this I spy among the colorful coral reef? Why it’s the Only Hearts So Fine Cheeky Bodysuit in Papaya and matching So Fine Lace Bralette and Brief! Adorn your lovely curves in this delicate, soft lace. This look is unapologetically romantic and the lovely coral hue will bring out the pink in your blushing cheeks. Wear this style under our Pirate Treasure Trixie Dress or Alexa Tie Top and transform into a tropical temptress!

Descending from the ship is a striking woman with raven-colored hair. It’s none other than the pirate queen, Diva Sara! Queen Sara knows how to make a statement, so she has paired her Pirate Treasure Hollywood Dress with one of our hand-made, steel-boned corsets. Every pirate needs a corset! Made from the highest quality materials, these steel boned body shapers give an extreme hourglass figure while providing comfort and style. Visit one of the Trashy Diva Lingerie boutiques to get a corset custom made for you, or shop a range online.

As we travel father out to sea, the bewitching blue of the ocean and the sweet salt air enthrall the senses. I see a creature dancing beneath the waves. A ravishing mermaid is frolicking next to the ship! Her graceful form recalls to mind the elegance of the Coachella Chemise in Seaglass by Else. This stunning design also comes in a Plunge Bralette, perfect for wearing under our lower cut styles, and a Bodysuit perfect for pairing with our Lounge Pants. Slip on this ocean-hued beauty and lure your lovers with your mythical charms.

Now what is a pirate tale without any saucy wenches? Follow my lead and pair the Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris bra with the Norma Jean Dress in Pirate Treasure! This look will turn heads and stop hearts. Looking for a higher cut? The Leading Strings bra is another strappy offering from Marlies Dekkers, just perfect for layering with lower cut styles. Add this magnificent bra to your lingerie collection and be the sauciest wench of them all!

Our adventure has come to an end but there are many more to follow. Come and see the Lingerie Divas and we’ll help make all your fantasies a reality!



-Diva Brooke