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Hello Fellow Divas!

I thought I would share some ways to transform your favorite lingerie into a statement piece for your outfit. That favorite strappy bra of yours? No need to hide it under your shirt!

Black Annie Blouse with teal Bordelle Minerva Harness

For the more daring diva, pair the Bordelle Minerva Harness with your favorite sultry button up top like the Annie Blouse in black so the neck is all that peaks through. Everyone will think you’re wearing a beautiful necklace, but you’ll know what really lies underneath. If you’re feeling especially daring you can always leave a couple of buttons undone or pair it with something a little lower cut.


For a more dramatic look I love adding a waist cincher to my outfit. The Vollers Classic Waist Cincher looks great over your favorite dress. Recently I’ve been pairing my black satin cincher with the new Leopard collection and I love it!



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My all time favorite way to bring my lingerie into the spotlight is with the Marlise Dekkers Dame de Paris bra. This bra is incredibly versatile and goes well with anything! I’ve worn it with everything from jeans and a tank top to my honey sundress.

Hope you enjoyed!