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Meet the inspiration behind the lovely L’Amour Dress: New Orleans’ own Dorothy Lamour!


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Born in 1914, Lamour was a singer and actress of French Louisianan, Spanish, and Irish descent. She rose to fame in 1936 starring in The Jungle Princess, where she first wore her famous sarong. She went on to wear a sarong in a total of 14 films, solidifying her title as the “Sarong Queen.”


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However, Lamour is best known for her role in the Road to… films alongside Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. In addition to her stage work, she was celebrated for her volunteer efforts touring and selling war bonds during World War II earning her “The Bombshell of Bombs” nickname. She was also one of the most popular pinup girls during the war. With her dark and sultry looks, thanks to her unique heritage, it is no wonder she is the perfect muse for a Trashy Diva dress!


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Owner and designer, Candice Gwinn, adapted her figure-flattering design from vintage patterns from the late 1930s and early 1940s, along with some inspiration from brunette beauty Dorothy Lamour, to create Trashy Diva’s signatureL’Amour Dress. Featuring a circle skirt that falls to the knee with a flirty, center keyhole bodice, the L’Amour Dress is both playful and sophisticated.


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The Long L’Amour is the same stunning dress, except with an ankle-length skirt. The delicate drawstring keyhole can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s comfort level, and the skinny straps have three button holes to create a fit that is perfection. The elastic ruching on the sides allows the dress to be fitted, while still feeling easy and comfortable. It is plain to see why the L’Amour Dress is a must-have among Trashy Diva fans!

~ Allison