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Knotty By Nature

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If you are like me, you spent hours in-front of your bedroom mirror during high school desperately wanting to figure out a new way of wearing that same ol’ dress (can I wear this as a skirt and a tube top?!)  Although, I wore some questionable outfits, the same impulse to have a unique twist to what I wear has never changed; I’m always trying new combinations and looks to keep my wardrobe fresh and always ready to wear.  Which is why when Candice starting wrapping, knotting and twisting the long stretch rayon ties of the Helena dress on the mannequin- I knew I was in love!


This dress can do it all– simple twists, dramatic knots and a beautiful full-length circle maxi length to balance all those twists and turns!  For the bra, I suggest our Fashion Forms NuBras to keep you lifted but allowing your back to be a blank canvas! Well, shake it up, baby, now- twist and shout!


If you want a classic silhouette, the Helena can be tied effortlessly as a halter and then use the waist ties to wrap like our traditional Obi Dress, which is how it is featured on the product page.  But if you prefer to have a clean front of the dress, simply knot the waist-ties to the back and let them hang for a clean open back look.

Bows_To Web_color2

Not in the mood for a halter on your neck?  Don’t let the halter keep you from this gorgeous dress!  We converted the halter into beautiful straps with shoulder bows!  This look is playful and comfortable- great for a day at the park!  For the back of this look we simply knotted the waist ties and then brought them up to meet the front straps and then just tied a bow !  Easy!


If you are feeling knotty, simply knot the front ties near your collarbones for a more dramatic v and highlighting your décolletage beautifully. For the back of this look, we knotted the waist ties and then brought the ties up to meet the halter ties and then knotted each of them on the shoulders and let the ties simply drape down.  This feels so beachy to me!

KnotTwist_To Web_Color2


Feeling a bit more bombshell? Knot the front ties at the middle of your chest above your bust and then criss-cross the ties in front to really bring out the vamp!  Now for the back of this look, we did a simple knot at the waist and brought all of the straps up in a single line to the hater and tied them together.  This opens up the back shoulders but allows for a more classic hang to the back ties.  Just gorgeous!


Have a trip coming up? This is the perfect dress to fit in that suitcase because you can change it up depending on your mood or to freshen up your look and transition from the beach to the bars!  One dress but oh, so many looks!


Show us your knotty side– we would LOVE to see how you are tying and styling your Helena Dress- send us a photo to or #vivatrashydiva !