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Ever wondered what the inspiration behind the Kelly Cut Away Coat was? I’m here to help. As the name would suggest, the always-stunning Grace Kelly is the main inspiration behind our sassy sister to the Courtney Coat.


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Kelly was often seen sporting trapeze style coats with similar wide lapels and waist buttons. She’s sometimes seen wearing her coats slightly open so you can still see her gorgeous outfit underneath, which is my favorite detail of our Kelly Coat.


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However, it wasn’t only Grace Kelly who wore this style of coat. After World War II and the end of rations, women’s fashion took a turn towards glamour and intricate details. Thus, the full bold styles so synonymous with the late 40s and 50s were born. Here are a few more ladies sporting this look.

14 May 1955, Paris, France --- 5/14/1955-Paris, France: French actor Jean Pierre Aumont and American movie star and Oscar winner Grace Kelly make up this twosome of Paris Strollers. They were caught on their way to supper at the Regency Club shorty after their arrival from the Cannes Film Festival. Rumars of a romance went the rounds in Cannews and now Paris is Buzzing with more of the same. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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I particularly love the idea of switching it up and pairing the Kelly Cutaway Coat with your favorite high-waisted capris à la Lana Turner in Imitation Game.


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