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Hi, ladies! I’m here to talk to you about one of my all time favorite shoe designers, Jeffrey Campbell. I remember my first experience with Jeffrey Campbell was seeing a huge boom in his famous Litas. Every one wearing them seemed to be walking down the run way. This shoe really took Jeffrey’s designs to the next level.


Jeffrey Campbell is so inspiring to me because his designs are all across the board. Any one can find the perfect pair because he designs shoes for all aesthetics and purposes.


These high quality shoes are some times impractical at first glance but are actually comfortable and truly unique. There’s actually little to no information on Mr. Campbell himself which makes him even more intriguing. Needless to say, he is an amazing artist.


From vintage glamour to modern trends, Jeffrey Campbell effortlessly designs shoes that both push the envelope and play it safe. Typically stocked in sizes 6-11, some select styles offer sizes 5-11. The brand’s pricing is very reasonable for the quality and signature look of each shoe. If you like Jeffrey Campbell‘s unique style, stay tuned at Trashy Diva. We will be carrying some of Jeffrey’s best shoes to fit all your Trashy Diva needs!

~ Loren