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Greetings ladies and lovers of romance, I can’t wait to share some information on one our most cherished lingerie brands here at Trashy Diva. Jane Woolrich has been designing high end evening wear for over 25 years. Only the finest silks and leavers lace make up her handmade designs, and they’re undeniably breathtaking. 


jane woolrich lingerie vintage inspired

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Jane has a small team in England that handcrafts all of her couture pieces, meaning that every inch of her garments are tenderly created for your sensual occasions. We are simply in love with every piece and appreciate the wonderful talent that Jane and her team have brought to the lingerie world! When you shop Jane Woolrich, you’re shopping for luxury. Every woman deserves at least one of these truly special pieces in her lingerie collection!


If you’ve visited our lingerie boutiques, you surely remember spotting our Jane Woolrich corsets. They’re simply unforgettable! These spectacular fashion corsets are perfect for a special event or party, and you’ll undoubtedly be the best dressed there.

jane woolrich lingerie vintage inspired

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Jane Woolrich’s peignoirs and negligees are perfect for a special anniversary, your wedding night, or any night that calls for luxurious lounging!

jane woolrich lingerie vintage inspired

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Give yourself a cherished piece that will last a lifetime and shop our selection of Jane Woolrich pieces. These delicate items are purely feminine and enticing. Need to see it to believe it? Stop by one of our lingerie locations and get yourself in one of these sensational pieces soon!