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I always love getting together with friends and family over the holiday season! One thing that I love making to make the get-together a little more festive is a fun cocktail or mocktail for everyone to enjoy while they chat. A drink that’s a little different always makes an event feel more special to me. So this year I thought it would be fun to create a simple syrup that could be used in a few different drink concoctions! I have a few family members and friends who don’t drink, so I also came up with a few different ways to make mocktails as well. A simple syrup is really easy to make and can add flavor and variety to your cocktails, sodas, and coffees. Here’s the syrup I came up with for this holiday season:
cranberry rosemary simple syrup recipe, recipe, holiday drinksPut all items in a small pot and allow to simmer over the stove until the sugar has dissolved and before cranberries have burst. Let the mixture cool, and then strain and store the syrup in the fridge for up to a week! Easy! If you want a little more flavor, try keeping a sprig or two or rosemary in the syrup.

holiday cocktails rosemary cranberry

The following recipe is my absolute favorite to use with the cranberry-rosemary syrup. It’s so light and refreshing! I also made the mocktail version for the office holiday potluck and it got the official Diva stamp of approval!

cran rosemary gin fizz

Garnish with a slice of grapefruit, sprig of rosemary, and some frozen cranberries to really impress your guests! For the mocktail version, simply exclude the gin and add a little more soda water. Delicious!

cran rosemary gin fizz, holiday cocktails

For another fun way to use the simple syrup over the holiday, try adding 1 oz of it along with a few dashes of bitters to a glass of champagne. You could also add a small bit to your favorite Le Croix or sparkling water flavor. I added a tablespoon to my Cucumber Mint Simply Balanced Soda (from Target) for a super refreshing drink!

cran rosemary gin fizz holiday cocktail

Enjoy and happy holidays!

-Ashley J.