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The wrap dress is normally attributed to Diane von Fürstenberg who brought the design to popularity in the 70’s. With her bold use of pattern and the ease of design, the wrap dress became a staple in most women’s closets during that time. 


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Before von Fürstenberg, there was Elsa Schiaparelli, who was an Italian fashion designer that designed wrap dresses in the 1930’s, which were inspired by aprons. Schiaparelli wanted to create a dress that would compliment any figure, and so the wrap dress was born. 


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Schiaparelli was more interested in creating surreal, avant garde pieces and so the wrap dress didn’t really become a mainstream piece until Claire McCardell took it and made it more ready-to-wear for the every day woman.


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You can now wear a little bit of history with our Retro Wrap dress! As easy to wear and comfortable to wear as all three of these designers intended. Our Retro Wrap dress accentuates all figures and is the perfect addition to any closet! Available in the Victory Floral print, you can easily style it for year round wear!