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Ladies, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take a minute to talk about my favorite subject: Vintage shoes.


Personally, I have an out of control collection of shoes from the 20’s to the 40’s, and many modern pairs that fit that same vintage aesthetic. I love the attention to detail, the craftsmanship….the designs are all works of art!


Let’s begin with the 1920’s. When it comes to shoes, if was the first time that ladies feet were showing! The flapper era had begun: that meant shorter skirts, and those legs were on display! Shoe wear had to change to go with the style of the time. The most popular style was the t-strap. Perfect for dancing (Charleston had taken the world by storm!!) the t-strap was delicate, while functional, keeping that heel on your foot with no slipping. The Mary Jane was also a popular cut of the time, a single strap below the ankle, across the top of the foot. Evening wear shoes were often adorned with rhinestones, gold or silver paint, and cutouts to expose a little more of the leg!


Some lovelies for your viewing pleasure!!

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Onto the 1930’s. Time’s were hard as America fell into the great depression. While many were on a much tighter budget, the shoe industry carried on with amazing style, while introducing new cuts and design. While the t-strap shoe was still popular, it was time for the rise of the Oxford. It was a sturdy, lace up shoe that was comfortable, being both stylish and practical Two-tone shoes were extremely popular, as well as shoes with little perforations or cutouts to add art to the material. Another feature that was prominent was a decorative tongue! Often removable, this gave the owner a few different styles with one shoe…more bang for your buck!


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Now onto my favorite decade for shoes…the 1940’s!!! The beginning of the 40’s was still involved with WWII which meant rationing things such as leather, so you find a lot of shoes were made out of reptile or heavy cloth. A wider, sturdier heel came into play, as well as new styles that included new flourishes, like large bows.


We see new styles like a slide on pump. Wedge shoes were terribly popular, being nice, low, and sturdy, while still showing off a feminine leg. Ankle straps came into fashion, as well the platform and the peep toe!


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The beauty is, there are amazing companies today that are devoted to preserving this vintage artistry. Some not only in look, but in construction!  Trashy Diva sells many vintage reproduction shoes, but my favorites. hands down, are Remix Vintage shoes and Miss L Fire shoes. Remix is impeccably designed and oh-so-comfortable,  made with beautiful soft leather (including the soles!), wonderful for dancing or every day wear. They are built to last, and while they seem like a bit of an investment shoe, you get what you pay for with these beauties. They will be your stylish companion for many years!


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Miss L Fire has some darling, spunky styles, all with a fabulous retro flair! Many styles come with an extremely cushiony arch support, and they feature rubber soles. They are a wonderful brand that create vintage styles ala 1920’s-1950’s, and while you can find tamer styles from them, I prefer their large platforms, funky fabrics, and bedazzled elements!


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Happy shopping, ladies! Until next time,