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Does the thought of Halloween make you sweat- cheap Halloween Stores? Itchy wigs? Caked-on makeup that will inevitably be a smeared mess in no time? Or does it make you nervous because you have committed to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-up since the New Year and have spent hours removing the clutter that doesn’t bring joy to your life (I’m looking at you, sexy cop costume from college) and you can’t fall of the wagon now?! I get it. I’m here to show you a new way of costuming! Stepping into these adorable shoes and simply adding a few key elements you already have in the closet will seamlessly create the perfect ready-to-wear costume with just the right amount of effort! These pieces are anything but throw-aways- becoming wardrobe staples that you’ll want to wear well after that costume party! Now that’s the trick!




Relive your childhood playdates by becoming the original fashion-loving doll- Barbie! Move over Malibu Barbie, there’s a new diva in town!

Step into the Re-Mix Babydoll Heels to transform your look into every girl’s favorite doll!

Slip into the Apple Tart Dress in Seersucker with a fluffy pink petticoat underneath to mimic the fashionista. Add the Cropped Cardigan in Rose Pink and the Pink Sinamay Feather Fascinator because everyone knows Barbie loves her pink accessories!


Betty Boop

Boop-oop-a-doop! With a few wardrobe staples, transform into the cutest jazz-era cartoon character there ever was! Get that pucker ready! The Lilly Slingback Heel from BAIT is the perfect way to step into costume as a true Betty!

Wiggle your way into a Honey Child Dress and pull up the L’Agent Esthar Garter to sweeten your look! Pop on a pair of classic gold hoop earrings and pucker up with Besame’s Classic Lipstick in Red Hot Red to portray the Betty Boop, the perfect pin-up!



Step out of the ashes and let out your inner princess by stepping into an easy and beautiful Cinderella costume, no prince charming required! The Miss L Fire’s Luella Mule is the on-trend version of Cinderella’s famous glass slipper-but be sure not to leave one at the party!

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Let Trashy Diva be your Fairy Godmother and cover you with our beautiful dragonfly satin- the Honey Dress or the Long Honey are perfect for your ravishing royal look! Feel like a princess in the De Luxe Raindrop Necklace and carry the RD Beaded Handbag with all your necessities to finish your look! And no turning into a pumpkin here- these goodies are for keeps!


Peg Bundy 

Love and marriage- love and marriage! Be everyone’s favorite flamboyant housewife, Peg Bundy, from the 80s sitcom Married with Children!

Take a walk on the wild side with the Lulabelle Mule by Miss L Fire to step into Peggy’s signature leopard look!

Pull on our brand new Bianca Dress in Leopard with a pair of Commando Opaque Capri Tights to pull the look together! All you need is a few sassy comebacks, a teased red wig, and an Al to push around to finish Peg’s perfect look!

Happy Heel-a-ween! 
~ Sandy and Cali