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Summer is here, and it’s all about floral prints and hair flowers!

Just because it’s hot out there doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have bad hair days all summer long. Here are a few styling tips for fast and easy summer hair accessories!

Tip One: Flower Pickin’
Choose like flower styles that match the print!

Tropical Hair Flower Small Poppy Clip Steel Magnolias


I’m loving the Trashy Diva Small Poppy Clip (only $12) with the Steel Magnolias print!

Our classic “poppy” flowers have wire petals and make placement easy for a simple pop of color!

Tropical Bright Yellow Hibiscus Hair Flower Cactus Rouge

Also try the tropical flowers like the Hibiscus flower in yellow ($10) with our new Trixie Dress in Cactus Rouge (on sale!).


Tropical Hair Flower Red Hibiscus Pinup Inspiration

Below is a vintage guide to flower placement for inspiration.

Vintage Hair Flower Guide

Tip 2: Hold the flower up to the desired spot before clipping it in. This way you can play with placement without messing up your hair with the clip.

Tip 3. Bobby pin first! Especially if you are wearing your hair down with a flower, I suggest using bobby pins to secure the hair first. Next, clip the flower on top of the bobby pins. This way you’re not fully relying on the hair clip to hold the hair back. It’ll stay in your hair more securely!

Hair flowers complement a number of vintage hair styles…victory rolls, bettie bangs, suicide rolls….and if all else fails in the heat of the moment (yes, pun intended) throw your hair in a top knot with a hair flower, and you’ll fool everyone into thinking you’ve spent more time on your hair than you actually did!

Happy Hair Flowering!

~ Kaci