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Dubbed “the Jazz Age,” the 1920s are romanticized as the decade of fun, dancing, and music. The August 1922 issue of Flapper Magazine offered the following description of a flapper:

“Short skirts. Rolled socks. Bobbed hair. Powder and rouge. No corsets. One-piece bathing suits. No chaperons. Attractive clothes. The inalienable right to make dates. Good times…”

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This devil-may-care attitude was inspired by a new decade during which Prohibition drove Americans to illegal drinking spots called speakeasies and women had just received the right to vote.

The flapper girl wore many different types of fabrics and accessorized with a variety of adornments, including beaded chiffon, lace, velvet, and sequins. Many ladies favored wearing lots of fringe so that the flapper could shimmy when she danced!

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The Trashy Diva Flapper Robe embodies the edgy, free spirited disposition of the 1920s gal while offering a sophisticated boudoir vibe. This robe can be used for lounging or can be worn open as a dramatic jacket over your favorite Trashy Diva ensemble. The fringe details and exquisite floral embroidery makes this loungewear a stunner both in and out of the bedroom!

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However you choose to wear it, the Flapper Robe will surely encourage you to embrace your sexy rebellious side a la the flapper girls of the ‘20s!

~ Ilana