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We Trashy Diva gals are suckers for a good story. When Barbara Herman reached out to us about her boutique fragrance line based on the scents of yesteryear, we were all ears (or all noses, as it were). Barbara fell into perfume blogging around 2007 and quickly became enamored with vintage scents. She amassed an impressive collection of fragrances and advertisements and, as she delved further into the rich history of perfumery, knew there was a book waiting there for her. She moved to New Orleans in 2010 to begin working on it. “I felt that the beautiful, decadent, dreamy city I loved would be a perfect place to do so,” Barbara said.

eris parfum

The author and perfumer, a couple of her favorite vintage ads, and the city that inspired it all.

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The result is her stunning work, Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume. Covering the iconic fragrances and movements within the industry from 1882-2000, it serves as both in-depth reference material and an innately engaging story. Modern burlesque legend Dita von Teese adored the book and noted that Barbara “weaves an enchanting tapestry of words about the world’s most spectacular perfumes.” Dita was so impressed with Barbara’s knowledge of vintage perfumery that she brought her on as a consultant for her own fragrance, Erotique. During research for the book, Barbara interviewed French perfumer Antoine Lie, whom she describes as “someone who was famous for being able to be in two worlds at once: the avant garde, artistic, daring, niche fragrance world, and the mainstream world.” Barbara had been toying with the idea of creating her own line and Antoine made a perfect partner. From their hard work, Eris Parfums was birthed.

eris parfumScent and Subversion, perfumer Antoine Lie, the finished product, and Dita’s special shoutout. 


The name itself is a nod to New Orleans. “It was there that I got to experience the full cycle of parading during Mardi Gras season, which I discovered is only slightly more torqued up than the beautifully decadent and languorous way New Orleanians live their day-to-day lives,” Barbara said. “One particular krewe, which lies outside of the already subversive parading culture, is the anarchist Krewe of Eris. Maligned as so many rebellious, headstrong women are, Eris is described as the Goddess of War, Strife, and Chaos. But when I looked into her story, her founding myth, I saw a woman who wanted to be invited to a party. And when she wasn’t, she crashed it anyway and played some pranks. Like Eve, it seemed to me that Eris was one of the original Bad Girls, and I liked her style.”

eris parfum

Belle De Jour, Ma Bête, and Night Flower scents.

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Trashy Diva is proud to present Eris Parfums to our amazing customers with two in-store events. Barbara will have all three of Eris’ debut collection scents on hand, with testers to help you find your perfect fragrance. She will also be signing copies of her book, which will be paired with a small sample packet of all three scents––a perfect gift for the fragrance-lover in your life or a great opportunity to treat yourself to something truly unique!


So swing by and see us; grab a glass of champagne, admire Barbara’s collection of vintage perfume ads and take a moment to learn about the world of vintage perfumery. This rare pop-up is a chance to indulge the irreverent beauty lurking inside you and walk away with some new lingerie or clothing and a signature scent that captures the strength, guile and sensuality of the modern Diva. Don’t miss it!


Saturday 5/14 (1pm-5pm) @ Trashy Diva Uptown Lingerie (2044 Magazine Street)

Sunday 5/15 (1pm-5pm) @ Trashy Diva Downtown Dress/Shoe (537 Royal Street)