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The Dottie Dress is one of our most fabulous new styles! Inspired by Old Hollywood starlets (and a certain bombshell blonde, in particular), the Dottie Dress is both sexy and perfectly covered-up. Read on to learn more about the history behind the Dottie Dress and what inspired this versatile style!

The halter style was first spotted on formal gowns in the 1930s. These dresses were loosely based on the sleeveless, high-necked design of Asian clothing. Sophisticated and just a little bit sexy, this style of gown was perfect for women who wished to leave just enough to the imagination.

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The halter then made another appearance during the 1940s and ‘50s. This time, the hemline was slightly shorter, the fabrics a little more flirty, and the style could be worn both for formal events as well as more casual get-togethers.

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Although the halter dress quickly became a popular choice for women of the mid-century, it wasn’t until a certain celebrity rocked the trend that this style of dress became internationally recognized. It was 1954, and Marilyn Monroe were filming a scene for the movie The Seven Year Itch in New York City. In the script, Marilyn and her co-star, Tom Ewell, are leaving a movie theater and the breeze from the subway passing below lifts her skirt up to dangerously above her knees. Instead of rushing to cover her legs, as any decent woman would have, Marilyn embraced the moment and allowed her skirt to provide a provocative glimpse of what was underneath. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you are sure to have seen these famous photos!

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The dress that Marilyn wore in that scene is very reminiscent of our own Dottie Dress. This silhouette is one of my favorites in stock at Trashy Diva right now! It’s classic yet simple, and whether I’m feeling cute and girly in Red Gingham, a little more sexy in Leopard, or simply classic in Black Rayon Crepe de Chine, I’m channeling my inner Marilyn and no one can stop me!

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