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Here at Trashy Diva, we absolutely love our customers and strive to make each and every one feel valued. Recently, we decided to hold a special day for a special customer who deserves to be Diva for a Day. We received several wonderful, thoughtful nominations, but one woman in particular stood out from the crowd. Behold, our Diva for a Day: Tamara!

diva for a day-blog-01Tamara was nominated for this honor by her good friend Candace, who refers to Tamara as “a mother, a wife, [and] a very kind and giving friend”. Tamara is also a breast cancer patient who not only upholds a demanding full time job in Baton Rouge (over an hour away from her home in Metairie, Louisiana!) but also commits herself fully to her young daughter. Through it all, Tamara’s strong spirit shines through, making her an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. Says Candace:


“Through all of this I can tell you she has never complained!  Her positive, if sometimes blunt, attitude towards her cancer treatment has also allowed others to be supportive of her but not sad or worried.  She is a true inspiration to her friends, family and treatment team.  And now that her health is on the up-swing she deserves to be treated like a Diva For A Day!!! So that she can feel as special and treasured as we all know that she deserves.”


Candace certainly sold us on Tamara, so we invited them both to Trashy Diva HQ for a day of fashion and fun!


The day started off with a trip to our dress boutique for a private shopping experience. After trying on their favorite styles, Tamara selected the Psychedelic Ferns L’Amour Sarong Dress, while Candace went with our newest fan favorite, the Psychedelic Ferns Helena Dress.

diva for a day-blog-02Next it was back to the office for a special makeup session with Erica, who treated Tamara to a classic pin-up look.


diva for a day-blog-03

Sandy and Brittney took it from there with a special photoshoot set in the historic Lower Garden District neighborhood. Sometimes silly, sometimes sexy, Tamara definitely rocked it!


As a parting gift, Tamara received gift cards for manicures and margaritas – two of a Diva’s very favorite things!


All in all, the day was certainly a memorable experience for both Tamara and Candace and the Divas!