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Here at Trashy Diva HQ, our focus is (usually) on women. We devote our time to uplifting and celebrating our fellow ladies, empowering them to look and feel beautiful. But today is Father’s Day, and it seems only fair to shift the focus to the incredible men in our lives, the guys who raised us to be the strong, creative, driven women we are today: our dads.


COO Kathy & Dad Robert

From left: Kathy & Dad Robert on her wedding day; Pawpaw Robert & baby Charlotte; Kathy, her husband Gerald, & Charlotte; Kathy with her family as a young girl.

“My dad is always the voice of reason. He is so loving, respectful, and the best Pawpaw to my daughter, Charlotte. I will never forget in high school when I lied to him¬†about attending the White Zombie concert (the only time I have ever lied to him). I didn’t actually go to a hockey game. Sorry about that, Dad!!”

In addition to having a wonderful father in Robert, Kathy is also blessed with a fantastic husband and father to their child, Gerald. “A big shout out to my hubby!! Thank you for being an amazing Dada everyday, even when snot, puke, and poop is involved!”

Photographer Brittney & Dad George

“I was lucky enough to have two great fathers. My daddy, George, has always made me feel safe and taught me to be connected to nature and all animals. For all his strength and booming presence he is equally tender and caring. My paw-paw, Carl, will be forever missed. He was my dear friend, my mentor, my guy. I was lucky to have him. He called me his ‘Spook.'”

Brittney & her Pawpaw, Carl

Lingerie Diva Loren & her Dad Tommy

“Thank you for always coming to my rescue. You are truly the most selfless person that I know. I love you so very much!”

Photographer Sandy & her Dad

“I can thank my dad for a million things in my life- from my love of photography to my appreciation of a good pun.¬† Above all, he’s taught me to be kind, sharp-witted and to fight for what I believe in and for that I’m truly thankful. ”

Writer/Editor Stacey & Social Media Director Kia & their Dads

Father’s Day can be tough when your dad isn’t around anymore. Our hearts go out to all our friends, fans, and fellow divas whose dads are no longer in the picture, or who have passed away. Sending you all love and healing (be kind to yourselves today).