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Ahhh, the Cutie Dress – yet another Trashy Diva favorite that reflects the changing style ideals of the 1950s and 1960s! A mix between the Ballerina Dress and the Bitsy Dress, the Cutie features a plunging V-shaped neckline and a flouncy mini skirt. A cute yet sophisticated bow at the waist completes this feminine party dress.

The Cutie, like all Trashy Diva dresses, is very much inspired by the starlets and styles of yesteryear. Let’s take a quick look at the inspiration behind the Cutie Dress!


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In the 1950s, sock-hops were a popular gathering place, marriage before starting a family was strictly enforced and the idea of a dress being cut above the knee was simply unheard of. In the 1960s, however, radical thinking was on the rise. Women no longer wanted to be confined to the cages of their homes and started demanding respect as equals to men. This translated to the fashion world in terms of plunging neck lines and mini dresses, which were both widely accepted.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy wearing a fitted silk apricot dress and triple strand of pearls, walking through crowds at Udaipur during visit to India. (Photo by Art Rickerby/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

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In 1962, First Lady and style icon Jackie O was spotted wearing a pink Oscar de la Renta dress and quickly made headlines for not only her trip to India but also her stunningly sophisticated fashion choices. Jackie O’s love for bows inspired women of the day to incorporate them into their own fashions.


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Today, the Cutie Dress is one of our most popular party dresses and comes in coral and dragonfly satin! Flirty and fun, the Cutie is a must for the holiday season and other special events.


Stop by the Uptown or Downtown dress boutiques and try on the Cutie for yourself, cutie!

– Luna