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With Mardi Gras behind us already and spring feels in the air, it’s only natural that Trashy Diva would drop its first floral collection of the year! Let me introduce you to Crimson Clover. With it’s navy background and soft floral print, I can see this collection easily transitioning from late winter into the warmer months. I would love to share with the rest of you divas some of my favorite ways to accessorize Crimson Clover. Depending on which color you want to compliment, here are a couple suggestions for anyone who can’t make it in store and try things on together!

Crimson Clover, Trashy Diva,Collection Accessories,Vintage Inspired,Spring

For my first look, I paired the Paloma Cardigan in Green with the Remix Baby Doll Pumps in Fuschia. This cardigan is great for transitioning between seasons, and I love how soft it is! To tie these pieces together, I finished my look with the Jungle Rose Earrings by Rosita Bonita. These soft leather flowers bring everything together with a mix of pink, green, and yellow.

Crimson Clover, Trashy Diva,Collection Accessories,Vintage Inspired,Spring

For my second look I threw on the Remix Cloche Heels in Navy, a small pink poppy clip in my hair and grabbed my favorite purse – Mexil’s Tooled Leather purse in pink. This bag has a beautiful antique finish with intricately tooled roses that only look better with wear. Not to mention I can fit everything I need into it to go about my daily life!

Crimson Clover, Trashy Diva,Collection Accessories,Vintage Inspired,Spring

Last but not least, for an easy throw on and go look, I like the Blush colored Cardigan by Mak and the Remix Rita’s in Pepper Green! This pump is practical enough for every day,  and we all know by now that Remix heels only get more comfortable as you wear ‘em!

I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of you are pairing with this collection!

~ Aubrey