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There seems to be a renewed interest in corsetry lately. Maybe it has to do with celebrities and their waist training fads, or maybe it could be credited to the resurgence of burlesque as a performance art. (I prefer to credit burlesque because it’s body positive and much more sparkly, but I’m biased.) In any case, corsets are being worn again, so let’s chat about how to fit yourself for a corset and what style might suit you best.


Lindsay-Ladies Tightlacing

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Finding your corset size is very simple. To find your perfect size, measure your natural waist and subtract 4-6 inches. The closest even number that you come up with is your size. For example, my waist measures 27’’. Six inches subtracted from that is 21”, so I take a 22” corset. (I choose to round down to a 22″ instead of up to a 24” in order to achieve a more dramatic look.) The size you choose may vary depending on what you plan to use the corset for. If you are interested in tightlacing or anticipate a few inches of weight loss, you should go with the smaller size. If you are looking for a fashion piece or plan to use it for performance, the bigger size will allow you a little more range of motion without having a large gap in the back laces.

Check out this video for a quick instruction on how to lace your own corset. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy!

We carry two lines of corsets: Vollers (a UK-based company) and a custom line based out of California. The California company makes corsets just for us! The biggest difference in these two brands is the silhouette achieved once the corset is fully laced. The panels of the Vollers corsets are much straighter and will create a slim, elongated look when cinched. Our custom corsets are designed with curved panels that provide a distinctly ‘wasp’ waistline. My favorite style by Vollers is theEdwardian Overbust. I love that it is long enough to come over the hip bones and make me feel tall! My style of choice from our custom brand is the Vamp Underbust Corset. The curve at the bottom of the piece is so feminine and sexy, and I can never get over the wasp waist! It almost makes me wish I could wear one every day. Almost.

Now you have the tools to select and fit your own corset. You can shop with us online or come in and see one of our lovely shop girls uptown or downtown. We can’t wait to see you all cinched up!