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Boots have enjoyed quite the long and storied evolution throughout fashion history. Let’s take a peek at how Trashy Diva’s boot selection tells the story of the boot as a must-have staple of the fashionable woman’s closet!

At the turn of the 20th century, boots were largely utilitarian in their purpose. The “Russian boot” was the it-shoe of the moment and it was embraced as a fashionable alternative to galoshes during harsh winters. Since the fashion of the day kept women in lengthy skirts and dresses, the most popular height for boots was high ankle to low calf. Most styles included a pointed toe, box heel and oftentimes elaborate lacing and/or embroidery. As the decade marched on, these boots earned a reputation and it was whispered that the women who wore them were known to frequent saloons and speakeasies. This was the first peek of the boot as an instrument of women’s liberation.


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Both Re-Mix and Miss L Fire are brands renowned for their spot-on execution of a ’20s style boot, down to the cleanest of details.

Erin-Boots-Remix Winfields

Re-Mix Cassie Bootie

During the 1930s, booties made their debut. Fur trims and buckle accents were a popular way to spice up utilitarian styling without sacrificing the comfort and weather-protectant elements of the boot.¬†These days, booties are insanely popular again, so check out great options from Frye and Miz Mooz to recreate this ’30s look.


Miss L Fire Pearl Bootie
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In the 1940s and 1950s, boots took a backseat to more fashionable shoe options, such as the increasingly popular high heel. Boots on women were relegated to a place of sport (mostly hunting and equestrian activities) and seen often as a gruff and unfashionable choice for daily wear–an option only for “masculine” women.


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Riding boots are all the fashion right now though, so slip into a pair of rugged Frye boots to channel the daring and active mold-breakers of the ’40s and ’50s!

Erin-Boots-Frye Carsons

Frye Parker Lace-Up Boots 

“Why boots? Because they give the best proportion in the world. Because, taken top to toe, every woman looks five-hundred times more dashing in boots than without. That’s why boots.” (Vogue, 1967)

Erin-Boots-Brigitte Bardot

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If boots had a golden age, a coming-out party, it would without a doubt be the 1960s. Haute couture fashion houses jumped on the trend and sky high boots appeared all over television and film. Nancy Sinatra had a #1 hit with “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” and Brigitte Bardot inspired a generation of women to zip up. Mod babes everywhere were trading in their dainty heels for a pair of runway puddle-stompers.


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If you’re looking for maximum length and a boot to give you gams for days, check out selections from Frye, Miz Mooz, and Jeffrey Campbell.

Erin-Boots-Lauren Jeffrey Campbells

Jeffrey Campbell Lace-Up Boots (available in our Uptown shoe boutique)

By the 1970s, boots were a mainstay in every woman’s closet. Cowboy boots hit their stride and heels of all shapes and sizes were in vogue. Women were reaching for slick business boots and rugged weekend boots. For chunky booties and slim knee-highs. They were wearing them with dresses and skirts, but also pairing them with tiny shorts or even wearing them over jeans. The women’s liberation movement was in full swing and women were free to make fashion choices that broke them out of the prescribed box they’d been put into. It was the true beginning of our love affair with boots–one that continues to this day.


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Thanks for joining us for this little trip though history! Even though we’re based in a warmer climate, the ladies of Trashy Diva are avid boot lovers and we love to pay homage to all the rad ladies who rocked them before us. Thanks for paving the way for us to make fashion choices that can be daring, sexy or practical. The boot has it all!