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There’s nothing that brightens our day quite like taking a stroll down memory lane. With Halloween swiftly approaching and our month of costuming coming to an end, we thought we’d throw it back our earliest days of playing dress-up. To that end, we present Before They Were Divas: The Trick or Treat Edition!

HalloweenBabies_1Ashely HalloweenBabies_2CandiceJesseHalloweenBabies_3CandiceDLizHalloweenBabies_5RachelSara HalloweenBabies_4ErinVictoria HalloweenBabies_6RachelSandy HalloweenBabies_7KiaSandyIf you are still on the hunt for the perfect costume, be sure to check out our Trick-or-Treat page for a curated selection of our favorite eerie accessories!


[ And a thank you to The Noun Project for providing all of the the spooky vector art! ]