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Women’s fashion in the 1950’s was all about creating an hourglass silhouette with emphasis on the waistline. Common necklines of the era were V-shaped or slightly curved around the breasts (also known as a sweetheart neckline). These universally flattering necklines paired with the quintessential 1950s full skirt helped in creating that coveted hourglass shape. So, it’s really no wonder why we have so many 1950s-inspired cuts at Trashy Diva. They are seriously SO flattering on women’s bodies!

Though I have many favorite dresses in the store, there’s one in particular I’d like to feature: the Ballerina Dress!


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While working in the Trashy Diva boutiques, I’ve dressed so many beautiful ladies! I like offering this option to gals who are tall or petite, curvy or straight. For the obvious reason, the Ballerina Dress works well on petites thanks to the shorter length of the skirt. As for the taller gals, this cut is great because it really emphasizes long lines and creates curves! Check out these examples of lovely ladies in the Ballerina Dress to see how the dress flatters different shapes and heights.

Curvy and petite? Perfect! The Ballerina Dress is going to accentuate a full bust and nip in the waist. The length of the skirt is going to fall perfectly under the knee and give a petite frame more stature.


Petite with a straighter frame? The v-neck cut of the bodice is going to give the illusion of being wider and fuller on top. Because the dress cinches in at the waist and flares out at the bottom, it provides an hourglass silhouette to a straighter frame.


Full-busted and mid-height? Again, this dress will highlight and accommodate a larger chest, cinch in the waistline, and – most importantly – show off those long legs!


Try the Ballerina for yourself and see what a difference this ultra-flattering shape can make!