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B.A.I.T. – short for But Another Innocent Tale – only began in 2011 but is sure to be a classic in footwear thanks to the vision of Julie Kim. Each style represents a perfect marriage of vintage nostalgia and modernity, combining great retro styles in hip, fun color palettes!



Flawless 1940s wedges? In how many colors? They’ve got you.

1. Darcy Wedge in cream
2. Daisy Wedge in turquoise
3. Dezi Wedge in coral




Comfy slingbacks? Make ’em yours!

1. Lilly Slingback Heels in red
2. Lilly Slingback Heels in black




Old school saddle oxfords in new school styles? Yes, please!

1. Remmy Oxford in green
2. Remmy Oxford in yellow
3. Ida Kitten Heel in blue
4. Ida Kitten Heel in red (on sale!)
5. Ida Kitten Heel in pink (on sale!)




What’s that, vegan leather, you say? Are those Tevas? NO, these shoes are cute.

1. Kira Platform Sandals

That’s right – B.A.I.T. has also completely made the switch to 100% manmade materials! Heavy on the manmade faux leather and breathable mesh, it’s the best new option for anyone on the tireless hunt for cute vegan shoes- especially at such easy prices. If affordability, cute, and comfy are your bag, book it on over to But Another Innocent Tale.

~ Jesse