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By now, you’ve all had time to check out the fabulous Cactus Rouge print. It hosts both a tropical flair as well as Southwestern elegance, which gives us endless possibilities when it comes to styling this beautiful fabric!

I asked the lovely Diva Zoë to model my picks: Here are my top 5 accessories to make you shine in Cactus Rouge!


1. My favorite go to is our cream lace parasol. A perfect match for the print (as the Cactus Rouge is more of an ivory in the fabric than a true white.)

Be stylish and feminine while shading yourself form the summer heat!


2. I travel a lot, and I’m always looking for a bag that is both chic and reliable.

A bag that can hold a little more than a lipstick and a phone! The rich red leather of the Hobo Betta Backpack pairs wonderfully with Cactus Rouge, and has all the room for your travel needs!


3. Try a little pop of color with our Remix Capri wedges! The construction of Remix Vintage shoes is incredible.

Pair that with a sensible wedge heel, and you’ve got your perfect go-to summer shoe. (And might I add, the tri-blues are beyond darling!)

4. Sticking with a pop of color, try pairing Cactus Rouge with a cropped cardigan, here seen in ice blue. It gives your outfit a fresh kick, while keeping a soft, summer feel.


5. Looking for that finishing touch to bring the outfit together? Our Adia Kibur bow bangle is oh-so cute and the perfect color match for the fabric!

A chunky statement piece, throw this one on and your outfit is ready to go.

Enjoy styling, Divas!!

~ Mia