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Gingham has quite an interesting history as a number of different countries claim it as a staple. It is believed the word is derived from the Malaysian word genggang, which means ‘striped’. Several countries utilize it for many different reasons, from the everyday to the religious. In Indonesia, gingham actually has spiritual significance, as the contrasting colors of the fabric are believed to signify the battle between good and evil. In the Western world, gingham had ties to authenticity and the rustic countryside, which makes it no surprise that gingham is still linked to down-home goodness today.

Ashley-Lena Picnic-Vintage Pattern

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With it being affordable, durable and simple in design, gingham has been used for everything from clothing to interior design. During times of war, gingham proved to be a practical and fashionable option for ladies of the 1920s. Not only was gingham affordable and easy to wear, it was also considered quite patriotic thanks to the popular blue and white or red and white color options. Even feline friends got in on the trend!

Ashley-Lena Picnic-Cat and Ladies

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One of the most alluring aspects of gingham is its nostalgic feel. Our Lena Picnic Dress dress harks back to these times when practicality was important, but so was looking well put together. The fun use of gingham and ric rac trimming used to create a whimsical pattern makes this dress playful while not costume-y, and a little more special. The design also reminds one of lively, country music events with square dancing.

Ashley-Lena Picnic-Dancing and Picnic

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So grab your Lena Picnic Dress, have a little picnic, and swing your partner round and round!

-Ashley J.

V is for Vintage: Gingham fabric, a chequered history